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Looking West through the Catalogues


A beautiful winter day on the water on exercise with Baltimore Lifeboat. Soon time to start painting those boats for the start of the Baltimore Wooden Boat Festival on May 22nd.

Final tweaks to Guillemots rig


Mayhem in the pilot race


Great excitement at the pilot transfer area.

Currach ‘Magic Brat’

Naomhoga Corcai go West. The Magic Brat is being restored in Paddy McCormick’s shed with Graham Bailey and Darragh McCormick. We hope to see her on the water at the Wooden Boat Festival in Baltimore next weekend.

Sherkin Artists at work

Nigel Towse and John Simpson of Sherkin Island hard at work preparing the iconic painted plaques which will be awarded at the Baltimore Wooden Boat Festival next weekend.


Brian Marten’s restored wooden sailing vessel ‘Guillemot’ takes to the water for the first time at Hegarty’s of Old court. A proud John Hegarty stands on the foredeck with Graham Bailey as some flotation checks are made to allow the final adjustments to ballast and rig to be made. We hope to see the Guillemot … Continue reading



First sail of the season with Nigel on the Hanora

An t’Iascaire and the Fionn afloat too

An t’Iascaire at Bull Point yesterday And the Fionn in the Cove

Mary Ann


The Mary Ann is already on her mooring in Church Strand. Boats are launched early to support Pat Tanner’s gathering of international marine archeologists in Baltimore.

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