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Ilen Row

Instructions for Ilen Row, Sat 28th May

Note. Follow race instructions, start times set, on Twitter  @Baltiwoodenboat

Boat Launching/ Trailers.
Please launch your boat at 9am at the Skibbereen Rowing Club

Please leave trailers on the left on the grass. After the row, please remove the trailers and bring to Baltimore.

Race Start, Registration, Briefing

The row begins at the West Cork Hotel, approx 2 miles upstream

Ribs will be on hand to tow rowers’ boats to the hotel, but if possible please row your boat there. Breakfast will be laid on at the hotel, but make sure to bring water for the row.

Registration/ Briefing: Please nominate a captain from your boat to register and attend the briefing at the hotel.

Registration is 5 euro per rower. There will be a ‘skipper pack’ available, comprising of a festival t-shirt and poster, for 10 eu  (the t-shirt will be 15 eu at the festival)

Note that tickets for the dinner on Sat evening (in the sailing club in Baltimore) will be available at this point.

The Row:

A handicapping system will be in place, first boat away at 10.30 am. Slowest boats first.
The rule, as per usual, is ‘Passing Boat gives way’, on the river.
There will be a number of safety boats accompanying the boats down the river. Please bring a VHF radio if possible. Channel 10 will be used for the Ilen row, and the rest of the festival. Also, please hold up an oar vertically to alert the ribs in case of difficulty.

The route will be the same as last year, down the Ilen River, outside Inisbeg and Rinn Garróige Islands, through the sound, and across Baltimore Bay, finishing at the harbour mouth.

Do not cut corners on the Ilen. There are many shallow, muddy areas on the corners of the river. You will be on a falling tide, and it would be a pity to miss the festival sitting on the mud. We have no helicopters to come and get you! For an idea of how shallow the corners can be, check out Bing Maps map of the river, in ‘Aerial’ View. The photos were taken at low tide. This link also shows the route to be taken. Please note the way points. The route takes down the main river channel. Be particularly careful to go west of Quarantine, way point 6, and to stay in the channel from Quarantine through the Sound which is way point 7. There are both rocks and submerged oyster cages if you go off that channel.

The Bing Map of the route is here:
Ilen Row Route

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